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Benefits of Integrating Conversational Automation with EHR Systems for Senior Living and Memory Care Communities.
Conversing with potential residents results in significantly higher conversion rates, while seamlessly connecting to EHR systems captures the consumers' preferences and ensures engagement through the entire resident lifecycle. See the integration of these powerful platforms in action and find out how assisted and senior living centers are reaping the benefits of engagement at scale and providing a better experience for their prospective and current residents. Get a tour of the Botco.ai platform for designing conversational flows with the ALIS EHR system, purpose-built for Senior and Assisted living communities.

You will hear about
- increasing census with better conversions on your website
- capturing preferences to personalize communications at scale
-seamless integration from the top of the funnel to admissions, care coordination, and the full resident lifecycle
- enhancing family engagement
-regulatory compliance across states
-360 degree view of the resident experience through analyzing conversations with resident records for personalized experiences.


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